Japanese Studies:​ “Nippon bunka ya gengo no kenkyū”


Street Scene as the Sun Goes Down


Welcome to Japanese Studies at KOAN.  Our course will help students who pursue any of these goals:

·             To prepare for university level Japanese Language courses

·             To travel to Japan and/or to appreciate some of its cultural practices

·             To gain inspiration from Japanese-based arts

·             To understand self and other through a new sensibility

Designed by Senior Japanese Lecturers, Advanced Japanese Language Students and Art Educators, our course provides interesting challenges (KOAN’s) for students of all ages, skill levels, and interests.  We use traditional language learning practices, cultural awareness, role-play, and art making as ways to approach our understanding of Japan and its people.


Our classroom is rooted at the KOAN school and extends through the virtual world into Japan. Members of the KOAN team have a well-established relationship with the International Association of Tokai, a beautiful city in central Japan just south of Nagoya.  Our goal is to establish pen-pal style relationships focused on friendship and language exchanges.

 Our main Text is Google translator, which is used to check our speaking progress. As learners begin to understand their specific interests relating to Japanese and its culture we seek out specific to help with language acquisition. Texts range from traditional to less-traditional and will function as personal guides to our practice.

What we will do

We want to learn about what it means to be Japanese. We will coordinates a variety of classroom offerings dealing with the language, history, and culture, of Japan. We specifically focus on modern and contemporary Japan. Our first task will be to talk about ourselves through an introduction: This will be helpful when we engage with Japanese people. We need to make our own sets of FLASH CARDS to help us with the task of memorizing Hiragana, Katakana, and some basic Kanji. Finally, we will report on a specific interest relating to Japan.